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Many of our debtor clients have been able to recover money before ever filing for bankruptcy with our office. With our professional advocacy, we have helped clients recover who have had a wide variety of debt including: medical debt, mortgages, unsecured debt, back child support, debt from credit cards, student loans, taxes, or other debts. Regardless of your credit score, You could be paid too!

How you may ask? While debt Collection may seem daunting, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (commonly called the “FDCPA”), is a federal statute that protects consumers from unsavory debt collection practices. The enforcement of this Act of Congress is taken very seriously in court. Its focus lies in consumer protection. The Act protects consumers who may have many questions about the particular items and procedures of their financial situation. Debt collectors are obligated to abide by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in a professional manner. If they fall short of their obligations, they could find themselves entangled in judicial proceedings in court. However, many debt collectors take a risk and engage in activity in an effort to collect bills or credit card debt that they have no legal authority to do. If you or your friends or family are having a dispute with a person from a certain debt collection company or business, you may learn that you or they have a potential lawsuit, depending on the circumstances. You do not have to settle for a life of constantly dealing with the disruption of consistently calling you at your homes or other places with obscene language.

For example, a debt collector cannot:

  • Be calling you at your homestead repeatedly and at odd hours
  • Be calling you, but not announcing who he/she is
  • Disclose your personally identifiable information to third parties
  • Use abusive/offensive language
  • Send text messages with obscene language
  • Contact you, even via certified mail, after written notification that they do not have your approval to do so.
  • Claim to be affiliated with any governmental organization, such as the Federal Reserve or a regulatory authority.
  • Write you scam letters with falsified documents such as fake court orders, with phony charges.
  • Misrepresent the character, amount or legal status of a debt.
  • Page or text message you after written notification that you do not want to be contacted,
  • Write you letters with threatening accounts of violence.
  • Write you letters falsely claiming to be a notice of imminent arrest if you do not pay.
  • Write you letters falsely claiming to be a hired employee of the government.
  • Write you letters falsely claiming to have a default judgment against you.
  • Write you letters attempting to coerce you into paying money that you do not owe.
  • Write you letters falsely claiming the ability to intercept your wages.
  • Write you letters falsely claiming that they are reporting a copy of your personally identifiable information to third parties.
  • Threaten to take action not intended to be taken, such as having you arrested.
  • Threaten to damage your personal property.
  • Threaten repossession of property that they have no legal right to repossess.
  • Threaten to or communicate false credit information or credit reporting.
  • Threaten you with penalties that are not legal or even reasonable.
  • Mail documents to your household with threats of violence aimed at you, your spouse, or any other family member.
  • Use deceptive methods to collect debts.
  • And many more…

Please keep in mind there is no debtors prison, you cannot go to jail for simply owing a private entity money.

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