Commonly Asked Questions At a Bankruptcy Hearing

A List Of Questions You May Be Asked At Your Bankruptcy Hearing

  • What is your name?
  • Did you sign the bankruptcy petition after reviewing it?
  • Did you read the bankruptcy information page?
  • Where do you work?
  • How are you paid –do you receive bonuses or commissions?
  • Have you transferred any assets to anyone else in the 4 years before you filed your bankruptcy?
  • What did you receive as a tax refund last year and do you believe it will be the same next year?
  • What did you spend last year’s tax refund money on?
  • Did you pay any family members or friends a lot of money before you filed?
  • Do you have any lawsuits or legal claims in which you believe that you can recover money?
  • Does anyone owe you any money?
  • Do you anticipate receiving an inheritance in the next 6 months or have you heard that you will receive an inheritance?
  • Do you own any life insurance policies that accrue cash value?
  • Do you have any stocks or bonds or investment accounts?
  • Do you have any timeshares or frequent flier miles?
  • Do you have a child support obligation?
  • Have you ever filed bankruptcy before?
  • Do you understand the effect of signing a reaffirmation agreement?
  • Have you taken the second class?
  • If you own real estate, how did you derive the value of your home?

These are the most commonly asked questions. Obviously, the facts of each case are different and a debtor may be asked different questions at the hearing.


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