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Credit Reporting Issues

Credit Reports are often full of damaging inaccuracies.  Many consumers find that they have a dispute with the information they read on their credit reports.  Such disputed data can be corrected.  

Studies show that inaccurate credit reports plague the credit industry. With the uncertainty of the pandemic, it is more important than ever to address such inaccuracies. 

Indeed, 46%–70% of all credit reports contain inaccurate information, as there may be an error with an item or two.  If you are interested in reviewing your credit report, it can be obtained at Experian, Transunion, Equifax, or  This service is free at no charge regardless of your net worth. There is no need to be spending money on a payment to receive a copy of the document showing credit scores. The document will include information regarding your mortgage accounts, to which companies you may owe money, your credit cards, unpaid utility bills, debt owed on your car, your contact information, delinquent balances, personal loans, and other data regarding your finances.  However, it will not include an account balance of your bank account, what medical insurance and health insurance you may have, or all the financial products in which you may be investing.  You will be able to view it online. 

Mixed or Merged Credit Reports

This error occurs when a credit reporting agency mistakenly merges one person’s credit information with another person’s credit information. This does not mean that you have been a victim of identity theft, and it is not necessarily fraudulent.

Out of Date Entries on Credit Reports

Negative information, such as, delinquencies, bankruptcies, student loans, charge-offs loan defaults, etc., must be taken off a person’s credit report after a certain amount of time. However, often debt collectors will “re-age” the debt to make it appear that it is not very old.  If yours is older than it actually appears, it should be corrected.  This conduct is illegal and fraudulent. 

Background Screening & the Law

You might be surprised to learn that class action lawsuits against employers for violating the law have been on the rise. Theses violations have led to many an investigation.  Indeed, it is not uncommon to file a lawsuit against an employer, and employers put themselves at great risk of finding themselves in a perilous position when they are fraudulent.  As a result, many of them have suffered great loss.  Clearly, in no uncertain terms, the most common violation of the law involves a situation in which a prospective employer accesses a prospective employee’s credit report without having the permission of that prospective employee.  If this has happened to you, we will be happy to fully address your grievances.  Remember to never leave your identity or privacy to chance by keeping a close guard of your social security number, insurance information, birthdate, and other sensitive data. 

Unauthorized Review of a Person’s Credit Reports

Creditors and debt collectors will often access a person’s credit report without a legal purpose or ability under the law. This process is essentially a theft of your private information.  We file lawsuits to protect and support our client’s private and confidential credit information from entities that have no reason for accessing these credit reports, even if they claim otherwise. We are happy to put together an evaluation of your case, and put your mind at ease.  Typically, the lack of accuracy on a credit report is the result of a simple error on a page.  A mixed file can occur when people have the same or similar names.  We can help you improve the content of your credit report, and get whatever correction may be necessary.  It is our aspiration to address any credit reporting issues you may have in the most thorough and professional way possible.  Indeed, a recovery plan to return you to financial health and security may just be a telephone call away.  


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